Artificial Intelligence

AI Accelerators

From large AI Training and Inference clusters to small accelerator NIC, our hardware offering is customized for every need. Clusters of hundreds of servers, rack servers, NIC cards or USB-cards, all can run and converge AI algorithms in record time.

AI Frameworks

Whether Pytorch, TensorFlow or MindSpore, our expertise spans from designing AI algorithms - training and inference - that will enable intelligence for your business. Process re-engineering and decision-making optimization make up our DNA.


Software Defined Cameras can concurrently run several algorithms for face recognition, video analytics and plate recognition. Additionally, an open SDK allows for customized algorithms to be developed.
Powered with an AI chip, the cameras can perform AI operations autonomously as well as with an NVR.

Augmented Reality

Based on Microsoft's Hololens, we develop Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality scenarios for Education, Security, Museums and Financial Institutions. Integrated with Dynamics365, remote maintenance benefits many verticals.
All forward-looking scenarios, virtual assistants and environments are what you need to impress your VIP clients.


AI-aided Diagnosis for Medical Imaging: applicable to Covid-19 as well as other cases of Radiology and Radiomics.
The platform is cloud based and integrates with your PACS seamlessly. Trained with thousands of images, its automatic diagnosis accuracy exceeds 90%.


Chatbots and more for the Insurance - From customer engagement to customer service, passing by automated claims, our AI-powered proposition has proven to enhance customer loyalty, reduce operational costs and unlock new market segments.
Digital insurances and expedited roll-out of new products!


Fighting Anti-Money-Laundering (AML), Fraud Detection and ATM Security with AI-powered Big Data Analytics? Our platform deploys in record time to analyze financial data, business transactions and network traffic logs to identify abnormal and suspicious patterns.