The place where it all started: helping our enterprise customers navigate through the Digitization waves.
Amongst our customers, most of our success stories have been in the following verticals:
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Educational Establishments
  • Governmental Affairs
  • Internet Service Providers

Success Stories span from Data Center Infrastructure to full stack Virtualization and Private Clouds, Fixed and Wireless Networks, Unified Communications, Cybersecurity, Augmented Reality and IoT solutions.


Bits or Watts?
Digitization of utilities has been an area of focus for several years now. The advantages of the digital world are great in many ways: improvement of customer experience, reduction in operational expenditures and an optimization of operational processes.
In the Electricity and Water industries, our solutions look like the following:
  • platforms for end-to-end management and monitoring, system modeling, resource planning, production forecasting, plant operation and maintenance, from generation to distribution
  • platforms for ERP, CRM (customer information, engagement channels, workforce management) and Billing
  • smart meters with IoT, PLC and eSIM
  • data centers
  • Head-Ends and Networks (IoT, PLC)

Smart Cities

With urban areas needing at intelligent management of resources and an increased well-being of citizens, the concept of Smart Cities is broad and complex.
Our solution portfolio focuses on the following:
  • Smart Light Poles
  • Smart Applications (Parking Management, Waste Management, Environmental Monitoring...)
  • Intelligent Security and Surveillance
  • Security Operations Center
  • eGovernment Initiatives

Success Stories span from Citywide Security and Surveillance, Secure Optical Networks, Command and Control Centers, Smart Poles and IoT networks.

Oil & Gas

While originally focused on providing wired and wireless connectivity to on-shore and off-shore sites in challenging conditions with explosion proof hardware, our recent focus has been on intelligent applications powered by IoT.
Some of the applications we have worked on recently:
  • In Upstream, monitoring personnel and accounting for individuals accurately for safety measures
  • In Downstream, real-time location and wayfinding for individuals and assets in large outdoor and indoor areas
  • Equipment tracking and location
  • Optimized power and network cabling layouts

Success Stories span from on-shore to off-shore locations for various applications, focused on IoT location finding indoor and outdoor, as well as on Health and Safety in haradeous areas.