eHealth: Video Conferencing and collaboration

April 28, 2020: In partnership with Huawei Lebanon, a fully converged video conferencing and collaboration platform and endpoints have been donated to the Ministry of Public Health, RFUH and several remote governmental hospitals across Lebanon to enable them to communicate and collaborate in real-time. Contacts and remote sessions with hospitals experienced in the fight against Covid-19 across the world have been facilitated for experience sharing and best known methods.

AI and eHealth: AI-assisted CT-Scan for Covid-19

April 20, 2020: an Artificial-Intelligence Cloud-based platform for the analysis of CT-scans and recognition of Covid-19, a quantative medical analysis service is now possible as an additional method for recognizing and tracking the progress of Covid-19 based on CT-scans of lungs. This platform is hosted on Huawei's Cloud and has been donated to RFUH in the hope that it will assist our courageous frontline heroes to accelerate diagnostics and protect themselves from increased exposure.

Remote Office Bundle

February 12, 2020: our offer for Remote Workers is here! Hosted VDI, HCI, conferencing and collaboration package including WAN connectivity is ready for your employees, collaborators and branch offices. click for more...

SABIS, IP Engineering and Huawei sign a strategic alliance

January 23, 2019: In a first phase, SABIS will be aggressively rolling out Huawei's leading WiFi6 across its schools to power up eLearning and heavy content delivery to its students. A champion in EduTech adoption, Sabis is collaborating with IP Engineering and Huawei globally for the adoption of the latest digitization initiatives - from Edge to Cloud! click for more...